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About My Family

Right now I only live with my sister and my dad because all my other brothers and sisters are all married and moved out. I only live with my dad and not my mom because she passed. There are seven people in my family including me but  eight with my dad. My family is talented with making food but most talented with soups. I say that because the soups that they make are soooooooo good that I somtimes eat too much,I bet you would love it. that is  my family!!!!!!!

If I could learn anything

If I could learn anything  it would be to sky dive. In all my life I’ve always wanted to go sky diving . I would really want to go sky diving because I’ve always liked the rush of falling like ,when I was younger I’d always dreamed about falling then when I hit the ground I always wake up. I’ve really wanted to go sky diving so much that my friend and I have made a plan that when were’re both18 we are going to go sky diving together. that is what I would like to learn!

The story of the monster in the closet!!

Once upon a time there lived three kids and thier parents. The oldest one is 18 and his name is Travis, the middle child is 15 and and her name is Amy, the yougest child is 12 and his name is Jake. one day thier parents went to the U.S.A. to see some realitives they said they were gona be gone for five days. While they were the kids all went to school, came home ate super and went to bed. While they were sleeping  Jake was hearing noses in the closet the noises sounded like snuffling and growling, Jake jumped up and ran into Travis’ room and woke him up “I heard a m-m-monster in the closet” he stammered. Travis said to him “Go back to sleep, you only imagined it”……………………..

Please finish my story in the comments and I will consider them and add them to the story!!!!!!!!!!!

Digital citizenship

Digital citizenship is when you go on the internet and say you buy a game or comment on somthing the information you used to do what you did stays thre forever even after you die. E.g. Say I bought a gaame on the internet I would  need to wright my credit card number or even my postle code so


There are so many festivals but I will talk about a few. One is the Bayfest, another is festival by the bay. But my favorite is Simcoe FAIR. this fair is my favorite because it has the best rides and its the funnest. A few more festivals are: the Norfolk County fair, and the Fall fair.

10 Places I would like to go to

1.  Mexico: I would like to go there because I have a lot of relitives there.

2.Iceland: I want to see if there is really ice.

3.Ireland: I thbink that it is very funny to liesten to thier accent.

4.France: I would like to see the Ifol tower.

5.Eygt: I would like to see a real pyramid.

6.Madagascar:It looks really cool in the movie.

7.India:I would like to help the kids in need.

8.China:I would like to learn how to speak chinees.

9.Japan: I would like to walk the wall of china.

10.Turkey:I’ve always wonderd if it is over populated with turkies.